Why do our clients work with us?

Because we care!

  • We care to dig deeper, ask questions and spend time with them, to understand their products, to talk to their employees, partners, clients, competitors and potential customers.
  • We care to know who they are, who they want to become, what they or their products stand for, and what other people think of them.
  • We care about outcomes as much as about the tiniest details because we care how they look, how they appear, how they are perceived.
Who We Are

Kira Kira is a boutique branding, visualisation and communications with a studio in Vietnam.

We help clients to understand who they are, what they stand for, and what makes them or their products different from competitors. We help them define and communicate why people should care about them, and why they should try, buy, use, share or support their products. We make them behave, sound and appear more interesting, we augment their looks and highlight their differences from others so people truly appreciate our clients.

What We Do
  1. Brand identification
  2. Media message
  3. Marketing strategy
  1. Brand Story Creation
  2. Company & Product Naming
  3. Brand Identification
  1. Graphic design
  2. Brand Guidelines
  3. Event Design
  4. Product & Package design
  5. Online Advertisement Design
  6. Website Design
  7. Photography
  8. Point of Sales Material (POSM)
  9. Video Production
  10. Print Management
  11. Copywrite
  1. WordPress CMS
  2. SEO
  3. Mail Server
  4. Domain and Hosting
How We Do


  1. Collecting information
  2. Analysing information and requirements
  3. Communicating and advising
  4. Drafting ideas
  5. Presenting ideas and collecting feedbacks (first time)
  6. Adjusting tasks and workload
  7. Presenting ideas and collecting feedbacks (second time)
  8. Finalising work
  9. Presenting ideas and collecting feedbacks (last time)
  10. Finishing and delivering

What We Don’t

  • Work late / weekends
  • Have a sales team
  • Resist coffee
  • Sacrifice quality for profit
  • Lose at Viet Nam

If you are interested in talking to us about a new project, please send us a message.

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